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Mar 14, 2013 10:30pm PDT
feinstein and guess what, whatever we do locally, when i work with melia cohen making illegal hollow point munitions that have no place in our society here, we know that if the next county over doesn't do the same thing or the next region, it will come in very easily. we have to work locally, regionally and nationally. so as we do these things i'm going to continue talking about the support, snore feinstein's national support for the assault weapons ban she had in the 90's that (inaudible) in 2004, it's going to be aupb uphill fight as president obama has reminded us, but we have to keep talking about it. we have to keep the pictures of our youth in front of us in everything that we do. so this is what i am willing to do and again continue asking everybody for help in the city because the more i do that, the more of the graciousness of our community comes out because this is not something that just law enforcement can do, it's got to be our whole society acting together. thank you. (applause). >> i will take this opportunity to present our chief who has been working very closely with m
Mar 14, 2013 11:00pm PDT
mentioned the tremendous leadership of senator feinstein. i told her of this meeting today, she is in washington, the judiciary committee had its own meeting this morning, but she sends her resolved. she's determined and you know when diane is determined. (applause). >> supervisor cohen, leadership, we chatted with her yet and she talked about violence in the community and what that means to children who have to experience it, even if you are not personally apparently injured but that they are traumatickly injured and we thank melia for her leadership as well. now we come to the part of the program that goes to the core of the matter. the mayor is against illegal guns and that initiative, which is a national and very strong initiative, the chief talks about being part of the police chiefs who spoke from a congressional perspective, joe has worked with the vice president on this subject. all of our focus in the house and the leadership of congressman mike thompson, a gun owner, a hunter, a vietnam vet, a wounded vietnam vet, a person who understands these issues in a very, ver
Mar 14, 2013 11:30pm PDT
. big money, senator feinstein will tell you big money on the other side misrepresenting the facts. we want evidence-based solutions that get the job done that are sustainable and our president said i'm going to give this my all. so we have great leadership on the issue and much of it is in this room today. thank you. (applause). >> thank you, everybody. if there's anything i got out of this, i have more belief about this. we have need to have a lot more people conversing about this issue. i know of no other way to make the changes that we need to do except to build more consensus across racial lines, across class lines, across religious lines, build the consensus and talk to more and more people. keep this in front of us. we cannot abandon our kids or our families out of fear. we have to do even more engagements to get results. thanks. (applause). >> very quickly for the ladies that wanted to get an assessment at your school, here is my card for you, we can get that done by friday and make sure the kids are safe. just to echo it, the congressman would say, machine guns are
Mar 16, 2013 12:00am PDT
secretary of state george scholtz, along with senator feinstein who started fleet week, we began to appreciate in addition to appreciating the men and women in uniform and the wonderful attributes of having fleet week and the blue angels and the parade of ships, we could also be working on something very important to this city. all across the world there are examples after example and i know the men and women and leadership of the uss macon know this after their tour of duty these past months, all over the world there are disasters and emergencies that we are responding to and that you have become the humanitarian assistance and the disaster relief that is absolutely needed. why not practice that here? and so two years ago we gathered with our own departments from the port of san francisco to our sheriff to our police and fire, led by our emergency management division, getting all of our departments from public works to our mta and others together to understand what our roles were and to begin something that i think other cities are beginning to understand are invaluable, creatin
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4